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HPV, cancer, and warts: what's the deal?

I have heard that HPV can be contracted through kissing. Is this true?

Love or lust?

If a guy fucks you every day, does it show love or lust?

Is 5 inches the ideal penis size?

They say that a good dick should be more than 5 inches long. Is it regarding erect or non-erect penises? And: is longer better?

‘Excess sperm’, my foot

A friend (17) has been dating a guy (26); they are both virgins. Now he wants her to help him discharge all his excess sperm with sex. He has promised marriage.

What's the white stuff in my pants?!

I find some white, sticky, mucus-like stuff in my pants whenever I think of him. What's that? Am I sick?

Painful sex and periods

My girlfriend always feels pain when we have sex, unless she is on her period. What might be the cause, and is it wrong to have sex while she bleeds?

Female condoms: tell me more

I want to try female condoms, but I have no idea where to get them or how to use them! Also, are they effective at preventing STDs?

Post break-up sex: a good idea?

My boyfriend just told me that he doesn't love me anymore but he still wants us to be intimate. I still love him. Help!

My boyfriend doesn't make love to me

My boyfriend always refuses when I ask for sex with him. What should I do? Sometimes he even tells me to look for another friend.

Blind dates: what (not) to do

I've been set up for a blind date and I'm scared! What are the things I need to be aware of? And what should I be talking about?

FGM/C: Fear of rejection

I was cut when I was a young girl. Now I found a guy I love and want to marry. I'm afraid to tell him though, fearing that he will reject me. What should I do?

Bones and black magic

"My wife found a bone in my pocket; she thinks I'm using black magic on her. I have tried to explain how it got there but she doesn't understand. What should I do?"