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Re-using condoms: at risk of HIV?

How long can HIV survive outside of the body? I had protected sex but re-used the condom the next day. I’m not sure if I turned it inside out the second time. Am I at risk?

Painful sex and periods

My girlfriend always feels pain when we have sex, unless she is on her period. What might be the cause, and is it wrong to have sex while she bleeds?

What women want

What is the main thing that women look for in men before settling down for marriage or a serious relationship?

Who is Mr Right?

After we both cheated, my boyfriend threatened to kill me. Now he says that he wants me back. I'm totally confused!

Chinese herbs for low libido?

I have low libido. And premature ejaculation makes me avoid sex altogether. I heard Chinese medicines and herbs could help with both. How safe are they?

Can I change my gender?

I was born with male body parts but I am attracted to men. I don't identify as a man. I want to be and live like women. What should I do?

Wedding: hiding the baby bump?

How can I keep my baby bump small for the first six months without affecting the health of my baby? I don't want to look ugly in my wedding gown.

Stress: bad for sex?

Is stress a contributing factor when it comes to poor sex performance for a man? And, if so, how can one overcome it?

Break-ups: the biggest cause

What's the main cause for break-ups?

I said 'I love you'. She said nothing.

When you say ‘I love you’ several times and they do not say it back, is it a big deal? Am I just overreacting? Could it mean that she is not into me?

Where did the sperm go?

I can't remember my man coming inside of me and my man doesn't remember, either. But now I'm pregnant. How is that possible?