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I hate my cheating husband

Relationship Problems
My husband cheated on me and now he’s sick. I’m expected to support him and pretend that everything is okay but honestly am dying on the inside.

Scared of sex – help!

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
I’m 25, and I don’t have any girlfriend yet. I’m afraid to have sex. I usually masturbate, but that doesn’t reduce my fear. How can I do away with it?

What women want

Meeting Someone
What is the main thing that women look for in men before settling down for marriage or a serious relationship?

Male circumcision and its side-effects

Male Body
Some boys are circumcised while very young. Is this safe, or are there some complications associated with this procedure? What about at a later age?

Wet dreams: are they normal?

I experience wet dreams at night and emit in my pants. Then, the following morning I wake up, I shower and start my day. Will there be any problem?

Can love work without sex?

Relationship Problems
Can love last after dating for four years and we've never had sex?

Should I marry him?

Happy Relationships
I separated from my hubby, I immediately got into another relationship. It’s been four months. My new boyfriend wants to marry me, but I feel that am not ready.

Fertility: how do you know?

How can a man find out if he is fertile without impregnating a lady?

Love or lust?

Love & Relationships
If a guy fucks you every day, does it show love or lust?

Is 5 inches the ideal penis size?

Male Body
They say that a good dick should be more than 5 inches long. Is it regarding erect or non-erect penises? And: is longer better?

What's the white stuff in my pants?!

I find some white, sticky, mucus-like stuff in my pants whenever I think of him. What's that? Am I sick?

My boyfriend doesn't make love to me

Making Love
My boyfriend always refuses when I ask for sex with him. What should I do? Sometimes he even tells me to look for another friend.