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In the chaos of emotions, some short and sweet advice can be very useful. And it’s not only about what you should do, but also what you shouldn’t...

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Using sex toys: do's and don'ts

Sex toys can be a welcome break from the monotony of a regular sex-life. Here’s our rundown of the things you should keep in mind when using toys.

Blind dates: do's and don'ts

Have you ever gone on a blind date? Then you know that it can sometimes be awkward. But don’t worry, our do’s and don’ts will have you covered!

Big penis and sex

A big penis can be uncomfortable or even painful during intercourse. Consider our tips if size is getting in the way of your pleasure.

Kissing: do’s and don’ts

Kissing: where the magic starts – or the dreams die! Kissing is often the first step to physical intimacy. We’ve done the groundwork for you with our kissing dos and don’ts. Read carefully and enjoy kissing!

Accessing a safe abortion: do’s and don’ts

In Kenya many women still risk their lives with backstreet abortions performed by unqualified persons, even though safe procedures are available. The challenge is to make women aware of their options.

Getting over a break-up

Going through a break-up is not easy. You are trapped in a turmoil of emotions and negativity. Read our do’s and don’ts to stay strong...

Keep long-distance love burning

You have finally found the one, but how do you keep the love burning when there is distance between you? How do make a long-distance relationship work?

Quickies: do's and don'ts

Feeling hot, sexy and ready for sex but gotta rush off for a meeting? Have you considered a quickie – or quick sex? Here’s Love Matters’ crispy guide to quickies…

Threesome: Do’s and don’ts

The idea of having a third person in the bedroom can be tempting, but tricky at the same time. To play it cool, trust Love Matters’ list of do’s and don’ts.

Outdoor sex: do's and don'ts

Whether you still live with your traditional parents or are looking for a new thrill: sex in the outdoors can be an exciting experience.

Talking about sexuality and disability

What’s it like to have a love life being disabled? Shonali Bose’s movie ‘Margarita With A Straw’ answers this question -- resulting in rave reviews worldwide.

Flirting: do's and don'ts

Flirting – some of us are born with the perfect skill set while others have to work hard to get there. Believe it or not, flirting can be learned. In fact, you can get better at it with practice. So if you’re wondering how to flirt, just get out there and experiment!