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Relationships I have a man we met long ago he joined university and found another woman we met again and I am deeply in love with him an not sure if he... Posted Mon, 01/16/2017 - 20:11 by: Leah Okitieng 0 replies
Relationships yestade i found out that ma bf is cheatin on me wid anatha gal,,ad da guy is like wont appologise fo wat he did to me...wat shd i do then Posted Mon, 01/16/2017 - 11:29 by: Marion Angel 0 replies
Relationships Posted Sun, 01/15/2017 - 18:54 by: Patrick 0 replies
Relationships I suspect my boyfriend is cheating on me,each time i call him he doesn't talk to me like he use 2,he ignore my whatsapp chat nd he doesn'... Posted Sun, 01/15/2017 - 02:18 by: Abigail Adewunmi Adekunle 0 replies
Relationships Can love last after dating for 4yearz without sex? Posted Sat, 01/14/2017 - 03:23 by: Patrick Ojuka Obongi 1 reply
Relationships Me and girlfriend run out of what 2 say when making a phone call or chating.what are things 2 say besides"whatsup and aw was ur day"? Posted Thu, 01/12/2017 - 16:54 by: Afolabi 1 reply
Relationships i met this nice guy on net which he happen's to b a final year studnt in my sch,he's 31yrs nd i am 21 yr old w've been dating for d past ... Posted Thu, 01/12/2017 - 15:44 by: Abigail Adewunmi Adekunle 1 reply
Relationships Hello! Its nice to be here, am new and I've benefitted a lot from d questions and answrs I seen here, I want to ask mine nd I hope I'd ha... Posted Thu, 01/12/2017 - 11:58 by: Nick 2 replies
Relationships My girl dont trast me what can i do? Posted Thu, 01/12/2017 - 01:58 by: Salim Nyondo 1 reply
Relationships How can one get rid of constant dreaming abt ex Posted Thu, 01/12/2017 - 00:43 by: Janet Adongo 1 reply
Relationships These girl war I've my classmate but later left for another school we got in contact via Facebook and now she is in love with me, iI lov... Posted Wed, 01/11/2017 - 01:00 by: Zico 4 replies
Sex my wife does not like sex, what can i do? Posted Tue, 01/10/2017 - 19:12 by: Levy Alugaya 1 reply
Sex How can I ride a woman till she gets satisfied fully!!? Posted Tue, 01/10/2017 - 15:16 by: Job Mogendi 1 reply
Etc how long daz t tek for a gal to menstruate again ef she has bn using da contraceptives ad she stops bleeding o menstruating Posted Tue, 01/10/2017 - 13:58 by: Marion Angel 1 reply
Relationships There's a lady who has been my lover for the past two years, n at this moment I have no feelings for her anymore, whenever she sends me ... Posted Tue, 01/10/2017 - 08:03 by: Efumbi Mash 2 replies
Sex Must i use a condom with my girlfriend Posted Mon, 01/09/2017 - 23:15 by: Jozi Ule Adi Mrasta 1 reply
Pregnancy Is there a way to avoid stretch marks when someone is pregnant? Posted Mon, 01/09/2017 - 21:05 by: shiks 1 reply
Relationships she is fond of quarrelling every time i call her what island the problem? Posted Mon, 01/09/2017 - 20:14 by: Patrick Ojuka Obongi 1 reply
Relationships what kindof love does she has for me.I cant move astep away from her. Posted Mon, 01/09/2017 - 20:10 by: Patrick Ojuka Obongi 1 reply
Relationships Why i can't date for long Posted Sun, 01/08/2017 - 21:02 by: Anonymous 1 reply
Relationships I meet this guy in a certain up. We talked we exchanged number after some time we decided to met up. I spent that night at his place he o... Posted Sun, 01/08/2017 - 18:54 by: angellee 1 reply
Relationships I recently broke up with this guy have been dating for over a year now.I love him so much and he loves me back.But when were hang out ... Posted Sun, 01/08/2017 - 07:08 by: Cate 2 replies
Relationships Am 32, I v been in love with a guy that aproached me when I was 14yrs, I turned him down cos I was too young for it but has been madly in... Posted Sat, 01/07/2017 - 17:05 by: alfreda 1 reply
Relationships Hi my name is carol ,what can you advise on issues concerning HIV+people &relationships is there away of finding a HIV+partner in Kenya P... Posted Sat, 01/07/2017 - 09:20 by: Rodah Mugure Wairimu 1 reply
Pregnancy can a gal miss ha menstrual periods without engaging in sex bt when he menstruated the last month after having sex Posted Sat, 01/07/2017 - 02:31 by: Marion Angel 3 replies