Making Love

Making love, or having sex, can mean different things to different people. It can mean a man putting his penis into a woman's vagina, or other things, such as masturbating your partner, oral sex, or anal sex. There are many ways to have sexual pleasure.


The hymen: what is it?

When people talk about being a virgin or keeping their virginity, they are talking about people who have never had sex. For many, the way to ‘prove’ that a woman has never had sex is by looking at her hymen.

Is my partner a virgin?

Many people think that you can tell whether someone is a virgin or not. However, this is a myth. The only way to know if someone is a virgin is by asking them!

First time sex: what to expect

When people talk about the ‘first time’, they usually mean the first time you have full intercourse. That’s what people mean by ‘losing your virginity’.

Outercourse: sex without penetration

Outercourse can mean different things to different people. Some people consider outercourse as any sex play without sexual intercourse, where a man inserts his penis into a woman’s vagina.

Sexy talk: keeping things fun

Whether you’ve been with someone a long time or are just hooking up, it’s good to be able to talk about sex. At some point, we all want to try new things or get a little bored with the same routine. So start the conversation. Even small changes can result in huge pleasures!

Talking about sex

Whether your relationship is casual or serious, it can always be difficult to bring up the topic of making love, especially when it comes to the when and the how.

Sex: the ins and outs of intercourse

Sex or intercourse – to put it bluntly, fucking or screwing – is when a man puts his erect penis inside a woman’s vagina. Most young people make love in other ways first, so don’t think you have to have intercourse straight away.

How to kiss

Kissing is usually the first thing you do when you fall in love. But how do you start? And when are you doing it right?

Cybersex: sex online

Apart from looking at pictures of sex on the internet, you can also have sex online. Well, not actually with the other person, but you can have erotic conversations, look at each other on a webcam, or masturbate.

His orgasms

When a man gets really turned on, he can have an orgasm – in other words, he can come, or climax.

Her orgasms

When you get sexually aroused your vagina becomes wetter, which makes it smooth and slippery. This is important because it makes it easier to make love. If your vagina isn't wet, sex can be painful.

Talking about porn

First things first: there’s nothing wrong with masturbation and porn can be great, too. In fact, they can help us understand more about our own bodies, and our likes and dislikes.