Pink lock on pink door representing the hymen and virginity

The hymen: what is it?

When people talk about virgins, they mean people who haven't had sex yet. For many, the way to ‘prove’ that a woman has never had sex is by looking at her hymen.

Most women are born with hymens, but not all women are. Hymens come in different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

There are a lot of myths and uncertainties about a woman’s hymen. Let’s try to clear up some of the facts. Also, check out more about the hymen here.

Can the hymen tear through doing sports or using tampons?
Sports or using tampons can stretch or tear a hymen, but it all depends on the shape, size and thickness of your hymen.

How can I have my hymen restored?
The term ‘restoration’ isn’t really right. Nothing is restored, but a new imitation hymen is made.

There are two different types of hymen restoration operations:

A 'new hymen' is made by using your own vaginal lining to create a covering over the vaginal opening. During sex, it tears and you bleed.

During the second operation, the outer labia are sewn together to make a ‘new hymen’. This is called infibulation, and in many countries it’s illegal, because it prevents the passage of menstrual blood.

Both operations aim to make the entrance to the vagina tighter; so you bleed when the penis goes into the vagina. That is, if everything goes according to plan, because there’s no guarantee it will work!

Tes, the hymen only partially covers the vaginal opening opening. This is why one can still user tampons or even insert a finger. It does not completely close up the vagina. Check out the following article for ore information.
How much would the first operation cost on average? The one where a new hymen is made using your own vaginal lining to create a covering over the vaginal opening.
Hey Ruth, We are not able to give approximate costs, you may have to consult a Gynecologist who maybe able to give more clearer information. What are your reasons for wanting to do this?
Hi Mosh, Not all women will bleed the first time they have sex. The Hymen which is what when torn or stretched will cause bleeding may already be stretched through other no sexual activities like sports. Also, if you were well prepared and lubricated before penetration there may not be as much discomfort or pain and blood. Check out this article;-
AkE KENYA, there is no proven relationship between body weight and painful sex. Check out this aricle for more information on what causes pain and what one can do to manage this.
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