Married Life

Being married brings a lot of changes to your life. You may start living with your partner, have new members of your family, and you may start talking about having children in the future. This section will talk about how to maintain a happy marriage.


Happy couple expecting a baby

Starting a family

For a lot of us, having children and starting a family is the next logical step after getting married. You might soon start dreaming about making babies and having a great life together as a family.
Happy couple walking


For many, the first few days of marriage feels like living in a dream! Even if you have been in a relationship with your spouse for many years, it might seem like a new beginning or a fresh chapter in your life.
Happy couple looking to each other

Maintaining happy relationships

Now that you’re settled with your partner, it might be time to start talking more openly about what you like or dislike in the bedroom. We all want to have a happy and pleasurable sex life and talking about it will help make it happen. But where to start?