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Readers of Love Matters tell of their own experiences – from when they got dumped or when they found a lump. And feel free to share your stories.

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Tips for great first dates

For many people, the pressure to make the first date perfect is immense. To make it easier, we've collected some ideas that are simple, yet good!

Stealthing: It's not just about you

There are some sexual trends that are odd, while some are a bit awkward. Some are downright wrong and illegal, and we have to make sure they end.

Forgetting your ex: women share what works best

It’s easy to slide into depression – or at least a level of sadness – when a relationship doesn’t work out. Here are fool proof ways to get over your ex fast.

How I overcame the trauma of sexual assault

Andrea had been in relationships, but whenever things started to get physical, she would back off. She didn't understand why for a long time...

Not going with the flow

Is there a point when you should get worried about your irregular flow?

Tall tales

Kiprono was a young man with a penchant for lying to fit in. What would happen, though, the day he got caught in his lie?

Sex work: for better or worse

Do sex workers enjoy what they do? Could prostitution help the Kenyan tax base? Thoughts by Rose Odengo.

Is Tinder all about casual sex?

Tinder has become an easy and convenient way for people to have flings. Love Matters was lucky to get an insight into a Tinder date.

Casual dating until you find Mr Right – does it work?

Tracy thought her three-year relationship would lead to marriage, not a break-up. She decided to do things differently as she waited to find her Mr Right.

Denied a haircut

Being gay is risky in Kenya, especially if you are openly gay. Having been a gay rights activist since 2004, I know the challenges – both personally and at work.

Come we stay: marriage with training wheels

Church weddings are taking the back seat, as ‘come we stay’-unions are getting more and more popular.

Settled because you don't love yourself?

It was 11pm and Sharon was staring obsessively at her phone screen, hoping to receive a text from Michael.