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Readers of Love Matters tell of their own experiences – from when they got dumped or when they found a lump. And feel free to share your stories.

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Virgin on e-pills

The first time we ever did anything, I was nervous. So nervous, in fact, that we didn’t have sex. but I was a virgin, and I was freaking out about birth control!

Casual sex: is the game fixed?

Omondi likes to shoot straight for his sex, but he recently got a reaction that left him asking whether our attitudes doom us to having our hearts broken.

Failed relationship: moving on

Should you break up with your partner as soon as you feel you are no longer compatible, or should you wait it out and see if it will pass?

Post-exposure prophylaxis: misadventures

When I woke up realizing that I’d had unprotected sex during a one-night stand, I panicked and immediately sought out PEP.

Blind dates from hell

At no point during the year is the pressure to have a date as high as it is today: Valentine's Day. But not all dates are worth it: some end up being dates from hell!


Amina* underwent FGM/C as a young girl. As an unmarried woman, she is torn between trying to value her culture and the pain she had to endure.

Why I cheated when everything was perfect

Adam was in a stable relationship when he cheated on his partner. Did he fall out of love or was it just out of boredom?

Stillbirth: when love is lost

Nothing prepares you for the pain and loss you feel when your baby is stillborn. Anna shares her story.

Female condoms: embracing pleasure

“Is your life important to you? Then using condoms is a no-brainer,” says Maya Gokul, who has been a female condom trainer in South Africa since the early 1990s.

I could masturbate anytime, anywhere!

Tarun was addicted to masturbation despite a great sex life. He would even do it in public spaces. Find out how he took control over his urges.

"It’s just a slap, get over it," he said...

“I was in a four-year-long relationship but it was after it ended that I learnt I was in an abusive relationship since the first day,” says Rina. Read on to know more about her shocking story.

Depression: not a simple fix

Linda struggles to understand her friend dealing with depression, and the complications that arise in their friendship as a result.