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Parent-child communication breakdown (1)

Parents can find it difficult to communicate with their children. Conversely, offspring can be too embarrassed to discuss sensitive topics with their parents. "Every time I talk with my father, we end up arguing,” says Martin Mbog.

"He can’t tolerate anyone who has an opinion different from his," 22-year-old student adds.

Martin recently moved into a room, paid for by his father, near the university campus. "I wanted to live closer to the university. But there was also too much tension between my father and I.  That's why my mother thought it wise that I leave.”

The son of a wealthy businessman, Martin says he just isn’t very close to his parents. "My father is very easily offended. He criticises everybody’s choices and feels frustrated when you don’t consider his opinion. We are like strangers. We can spend two or three months without talking.” As for his mother, she is very busy with her charity activities.

Martin’s studies and love life are the main points of contention with his father. 

"My father always refused to talk about sex. But when he found out I have a girlfriend, he asked me questions about her parents and clearly said he didn’t approve of our relationship because she is poor.” His father also doesn’t like the idea that Martin wants to become a soldier.


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