Our Bodies

Every person's body is different, but there are some basic parts that are the same. Here you can learn about how your body and other people’s bodies work. We will also discuss how they change during puberty and how to take care of your body.


Vulva and vagina

The vulva is the external female genitalia.

Penis shapes and sizes

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. And they all look different: straight, curved, long, thick, thin, circumcised, uncircumcised. One is no better than the other.


If you get really aroused, you have an orgasm or ‘come’. When you have an orgasm, you ejaculate – semen comes out of your penis.

Female genital cutting

Female circumcision, or genital cutting, is an age-old tradition whereby a young girl or woman has her genitals incised. Depending on the local tradition, a girl or woman may have part or all of her external genitals removed.