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So worried I'm pregnant!

I recently had sex with my boyfriend; it was his first time. It was without a condom but I have the Mirena coil. Should I be worried about getting pregnant?

Whether or not it’s someone’s first time doesn’t matter when it comes to getting pregnant. It’s a myth that women can’t get pregnant the first time they have sex. And it’s the same for men: they can impregnate a woman, even if they have never had intercourse before.

But, since you are using the Mirena, which is one of the brands of hormonal IUDs, your risk of getting pregnant is very, very low. In fact, the hormonal IUD is one of the most reliable methods of birth control.
It’s a good idea to regularly check if you can still feel the strings of your Mirena though. If you can’t feel them, please see a healthcare provider; it can be an indication that the IUD isn’t in the right position.
Also, if you are experiencing other major symptoms, like very heavy and long periods, also check in with a medical professional.

You don’t always have to use a condom when you are having sex. That’s especially true if both you and your partner have been tested for STDs and you know you are faithful to each other.
Condoms are great when it comes to preventing STDs, but when you are in a committed relationship with low risks, you can skip them. Especially if you are on an IUD and you have a low chance of getting pregnant.

And this brings me to the last point: did you talk to your boyfriend about contraception and protecting yourselves before you were having sex? While that can be a very awkward conversation, it’s a very important one.

As a couple, it’s good to make decisions on protection together.

That way, you can discuss things that concern you and set rules for your relationship. You might want to get tested together before having sex, for example, to make sure you are both healthy.
Keeping yourself and your partner safe is very important in any loving, trusting relationship. So sit down with him and talk about birth control, and what works for both of you, before you get between the sheets again.

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Hi Jasper, You can consider using birth control which will prevent unplanned pregnancies. In case where you are not using birth control methods then having sex on |Safe days might help prevent. Safe days are however the most unreliable way to prevent pregnancy, and we really don't recommend it at all. When the safe days are really depends on the length of ones cycle. Technically speaking, the first seven days before and after the period, as well as the time of the period, are relatively safe. But, if one has a shorter cycle (shorter than 28 days), or an irregular one, this will vary. Also keep in mind that sperm can survive for up to five days and longer inside the body - so even if you have sex on a 'safe' day, one can still get pregnant, because the sperm survived until the ovulation date. So you see, it's a very inaccurate. And lastly, of course this won't protect you from STDs. Only condoms will. So we really recommend a more reliable method. Check out the following article;-
Hi Sohern, you may have to wait to see if you will get you next period or get a pregnancy test done fourteen days from that time you had unprotected sex. Check out this article for more information;-
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