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Abusive relationships

Abuse comes in many forms – physical, emotional or sexual. Abusive relationships can be hard to recognise. Sometimes people stay in abusive relationships for years without realising they're trapped in one.

Every relationship is different of course, but here's a typical case:

James and Anne have been in a relationship for five years. Since she’s been in the relationship, Anne has been gradually retreating from a lot of social engagements – she's stopped spending time with friends and family and devotes all her attention to James.

James is overly possessive of Anne and gets jealous if she spends time with anyone else. Anne hates being questioned and finds it easier to be around James rather than face his tirade at the end of the day.

James controls every aspect of Anne's life. She finds it difficult to break away from the relationship because James threatens to harm her or himself. After many years of harassment, Anne realises that she's caught in an abusive relationship.

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