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Marriage is the formal or legal union of two people. But the notion of marriage in today's age is very different than in it was in past times.

We’ve all heard the phrase “marriages are made in heaven” (sometimes followed up by the cheeky comment, “…to be busted on earth”). In a lot of cultures across the world, people see marriage as a spiritual union between two, and sometimes more. A married couple often makes a public and legal vow to make their relationship last forever. But in some cultures, it’s common to have marriages that are only recognised socially, and not by law.

Usually when two people get married, they celebrate the occasion with a wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremonies are in line with religious and cultural customs and therefore vary from one region to another. In Kenya, wedding ceremonies are often big, and celebrations sometimes last for days on end.

While some parts of the world allow gay and lesbian couples to be married, others ban homosexual marriages. Read more about laws and attitudes concerning lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

Couples around the world marry for different reasons. They might decide to say the wedding vows because they are deeply in love with each other, and they might have been in a relationship for a while. These are called love marriages.

In some cases, parents and/or relatives of the groom and bride play a role in setting up marriages. They are actively involved in choosing the bride or groom for their children. Such marriages are called ‘arranged marriages'. The choice of spouse might be restricted on the basis of religion, language or tribe.

What if you don’t want to get married but you’re facing pressure from your family and society to do exactly that? If you are being forced into a marriage, you can contact this helpline:

One2One Hotline 1190 (free from any Safaricom line)