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Masturbation in a relationship

Many people continue masturbating even when they’re in a happy and committed relationship.

But why would someone masturbate if they're happy with their partner? There are several reasons:

  • Stress relief: some people use masturbation as a release to relax after a stressful day.
  • They feel aroused but don’t want to have full sex or don’t have the right opportunity for it.
  • They want to try out different techniques and movements, which they can then practise with their partner.
  • They know the rhythm of their own body and use masturbation to help build the excitement.

People who masturbate regularly tend to have more satisfying sex lives, so it's nothing to worry about!

But if you feel upset because your partner masturbates regularly, stay calm and ask them why they do it. Then ask if you can watch next time! Both men and women can find it a turn-on to be watched masturbating by their partner.

Just say: ‘I’d really like to watch you masturbate next time, so I can see what turns you on.’

Then your partner won’t feel ashamed of doing something perfectly natural, and you won’t feel excluded. It can be a real turn-on to watch! And you may well pick up some tips on what feels good to them for the next time you have sex together.