Sex Myth Busters

Sex myths are the biggest menace ever. A contagious infection spreading from one ignorant person to another. It’s essential to find a cure before it turns into an epidemic. So here’s another Sex Myth Buster!

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The biggest sex myths: busted

Sex is considered a taboo subject, and because of that, a lot of myths tend to fly around. Some hilarious, some downright outrageous, others borderline accurate.

Lesbian sex: top 5 Myths

Many misconceptions float around when it comes to lesbian sex. Join us as we try and tackle some of these myths!

Sexually transmitted diseases: myths busted

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis... You may have heard of these, but can you distinguish between STD myths and reality? We've got you covered.

Orgasms: myths busted

Orgasms are oh-so-mysterious! Everyone wants them, but do we know all about it? Is it normal not to orgasm during sex? Do women ejaculate? Read this week's Myth Buster.

Debunking the gaydar: top myths about LGBT mannerisms

Can you tell if someone’s gay based on their body language, clothes or appearance alone? Love Matters deflates six common myths associated with LGBT people.

Top five myths about gay relationships

We’ve all heard vague stereotypes about same-sex relationships. Most of them are baseless. This week, Love Matters busts five common myths about gay relationships.

Top 8 myths: sexual health and safety

How well informed are you when it comes to STIs, birth control etc.? We bust some popular myths surrounding sexual wellbeing and safety.

Asexuality: top 7 myths

Asexual people are often misunderstood for their lack of sexual desire. Can asexuality be treated? We bust top seven myths on the topic this week…

Vagina shapes and sizes: myth buster

Because the vagina is on the inside of the body, we don’t really think much about its shape and size. But every woman is different, and so are their vaginas. Read up on the myths and get the facts!

Porn: myths busted

Porn – it’s a controversial issue. Are you a pervert if you enjoy porn? Does it harm your ‘real’ sex life? Is sex behind closed doors anything like sex on the screen? This week, we’ll bust myths on pornography!

Female orgasm: myths busted

A woman’s orgasm seems like a difficult subject to grasp. Not only is it confusing for men, even some women have a tough time cracking the O-word. Myths and urban legends around the taboo topic add to existing misconceptions.

Transgender: top 6 myths

Who exactly is transgender? How much do we really know about the third gender? Love Matters busts six common myths about transgender people.