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In the name of progress, researchers are forever discovering the reasons behind why we do the strange things we do. Here and updates and explanations of the newest science around sex.

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Do people look sexier when you are single?

When you are single, that sexy stranger might actually not be all that attractive – it may just be your brain telling you to get into a relationship.

Love in the times of technology

From romantic hand-written love letters to quick Whatsapp messages: since technology has transformed the way we live our lives, love is no exception.

Premature ejaculation: what women really think

Women are far less concerned than men when it comes premature ejaculation. Here’s a hint: good sex is not all about how long it lasts. For women, at least.

Dominant partner? Here's what you can do

Have you ever dated someone dominant? A lack of freedom doesn’t a happy relationship make, says research. Read on to find out what you can do when you have no control.

Men with muscles: what do women want?

Are women attracted to men with muscles? Recent research has the answer – and the reason you’ve got nothing to worry about if you’re not a bulky man.

Men can fake orgasms, too!

Many men have faked an orgasm at least once. People often assume it’s impossible for men to fake as it means pretending to ejaculate, too. So how do they do it?

Thank you: moving from casual to committed relationships

Do you want to take your relationship to the next level? Gratitude – for who your partner is, and what they do for you – might be what you need, say romance researchers.

Revealed: how to have the ultimate orgasm

What drives a woman wild in bed? Over 1000 gals weigh in on multiple orgasms, the pleasure of delayed orgasms, and the kind of touch that feels amazing.

Make-up: what do men find sexy?

When women want to woo someone, they often put on red lipstick and lots of make-up for sexy, smokey eyes. But what do they guys actually find attractive?

What a new woman does to a guy's orgasm

A new woman can literally change the way a guy ejaculates, according to a US study. Read on to find out how someone new can affect his orgasm.

Sexual afterglow: why it's good for you and your love

Do you feel great for days after you’ve had sex? That’s the sexual afterglow. Recent research reveals why it’s so important to your relationship.

Sexual assault on social media: how to deal with it

Almost half of women have been sexually assaulted online, according to UK research. Here’s what you can do about it.