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In the name of progress, researchers are forever discovering the reasons behind why we do the strange things we do. Here and updates and explanations of the newest science around sex.

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Online dating: what’s the goal?

The goal of online dating seems obvious: a new partner. But is good communication or sex appeal more important when finding love online? You may be surprised.

Are you sexy?

Believing that other people find you sexy can be a major turn-on, especially for women. That’s true whether or not you believe it yourself.

Why couples should watch porn together

Do you keep your porn habits a secret from your partner? Why not watch together instead? Research shows it could even be good for your relationship.

Breasts: the bigger, the better?

Do men really prefer big, perky breasts? Guys across the globe reveal what they’re into when it comes to breast size and shape.

Too many past lovers?

Does it matter how many lovers you’ve had? When it comes to long-term relationships, your sex history could change the way a potential partner sees you.

Noisy sex: why women moan and scream in bed

When do women make most noise during sex? When they’re having an orgasm? Or when their man is about to come? Recent research reveals the truth.

Wearing red: dressed for sex

Women wearing red clothes are more interested in having casual sex and are seen as more attractive by men, scientists say.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: the reason revealed

People in committed relationships see strangers as less attractive than singles do, research has shown.

Tips to improve your flirting skills

Are we flirting? Or just chatting? If you find it hard to work out other people’s romantic intentions, you’re not alone.

Humour: your sexiest feature

When it comes to jokes, do you and your partner laugh at all the same things? Research from Canada discovers why a shared sense of humour is important.

How to tell your partner you don't feel like sex

Not in the mood for sex? The way you say ‘no’ to your partner has a big impact on your relationship and sex life, recent research shows.

How hormones affect your post-sex pillow talk

Are you into pillow talk? Or does the idea of sharing thoughts and feelings after sex terrify you? Your answer could have to do with hormones.