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Tips for great first dates

Meeting Someone
For many people, the pressure to make the first date perfect is immense. To make it easier, we've collected some ideas that are simple, yet good!

Five ways in which sex can boost your productivity

Making Love
A healthy sex life could make you even better at work. Surprised? Read how your bedroom performance could be linked to your job productivity.

Can I marry someone I met on Facebook?

Meeting Someone
I have met a guy on Facebook and we fell in love. Is it okay to marry someone I only know from social media?

Emotional abuse: my story

Sexual Harassment
We’re at a point of awareness where we can all pretty much tell what abuse looks like. Physical abuse, anyway.

Monorchism: top facts about the missing ball

Male Body
Monorchism means having only one testicle. This is often because the missing testicle is hiding inside the body, and hasn’t dropped down into the scrotum.

Stealthing: It's not just about you

Relationship Problems
There are some sexual trends that are odd, while some are a bit awkward. Some are downright wrong and illegal, and we have to make sure they end.

Male circumcision and its side-effects

Male Body
Some boys are circumcised while very young. Is this safe, or are there some complications associated with this procedure? What about at a later age?

Menstrual cups: top ten facts

Female Body
There’s been a media buzz around menstrual cups – a relatively new feminine hygiene product. But what are they and should you try them? Here's an overview.