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Sex Tips

Asking your partner to use a condom? Explain that it’ll make you feel more free and wild!

Asking your partner to use a condom? Suggest something sexy, like putting it on with your mouth!

Most women need to build up lovemaking slowly before intercourse get in the mood. Hurrying spoils things and makes it less fun for guys as well.

Build up lovemaking slowly before you have intercourse. For women it’s crucial, or sex is no fun. Take time to kiss her, touch her, tease her!

Getting ready to make love: light some candles, put on music you both like.

You’re not ready for sex if it scares you. It’s OK to feel nervous or a little anxious, but sex is something you should look forward to, not fear.

Tell your partner what you like in bed, but be sensitive. You could say, ‘I like it when you... but I don’t really enjoy it when you...’

When trying to say no in a sensitive way, you could say: I enjoy being with you a lot, but I don’t think I am ready for this yet.

Listen carefully to what your partner is saying about his or her likes or dislikes in bed. It’s not criticism. It can help improve lovemaking for both.

Make talking about sex a game. Write what you’d like to do on pieces of paper. Then take it in turns to pick one and carry out the instructions.