Men's Orgasm
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His orgasms

When a man gets really turned on, he can have an orgasm – in other words, he can come, or climax.

When you're aroused:

  • You get an erection – your penis goes hard and gets bigger
  • A clear fluid called pre-ejaculate comes out of the end of your penis
  • Your breathing speeds up and you may even make noises
  • Your pupils (the dark centre in your eyes) get bigger

Arousal often leads to an orgasm.

What happens when a man has an orgasm?

When a man gets really turned on, he can have an orgasm – in other words, he can come, or climax.

When you have an orgasm, your muscles contract and you ejaculate – a yellowish-white liquid comes out of your penis. Men often discover orgasms themselves when they start masturbating.

When a man comes while having intercourse, he usually stops moving back and forth. At this point, it’s usually too sensitive to move. After an orgasm, the head of the penis – the glans – becomes very sensitive. It can be very uncomfortable if you touch it.

Women, on the other hand, often enjoy it if the movement goes on for a little while after they’ve had an orgasm.

Sensitive spots

Your entire body is one big sensitive spot! But it feels particularly nice when certain parts of your body are touched – these are called erogenous zones. In men, it’s the penis and testicles, especially the head of the penis. But your neck, arms, chest, and buttocks are also sensitive.

Too fast?

Sometimes a man can reach orgasm too quickly during intercourse. This can be frustrating for you, and leave the woman feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. Both of you might feel that it was all over too soon.
Here are some tips to delay reaching a climax:

  • Take a short break
  • Switch your attention to other parts of your body
  • Think about something other than sex
  • Withdraw your penis from the vagina for a little while
  • Squeeze the base of your penis underneath with your fingers

Another orgasm?

A man can’t have another orgasm straight away. A woman can – around 10 to 15 seconds after an orgasm her clitoris returns to its normal state.

Keeping in step

Do you find that you come more quickly than she does? That’s perfectly normal. Most men reach orgasm more quickly and easily than women.
A couple of tips to help keep in step with each other:

  • Take time to build up your lovemaking. And ask your partner what she likes.
  • Put her at ease so she can just let go and enjoy you touching her without always caressing you too. Show her that you also find it really arousing to see her enjoying your caresses.

Simultaneous orgasms

Did you both have an orgasm at the same time? You’ve been lucky! Usually, it’s not so easy to have a simultaneous orgasm. When you come, you’re usually thinking about yourself and not your partner.
If you manage to come at the same time it’s nice, but it can also be exciting to come one after the other. Then you can pay more attention to your partner and enjoy seeing them have an orgasm.


It’s nice to enjoy cuddling, caressing, and talking after making love. Afterplay is often particularly important for women.


Hey Hamisi, Yes this is true, however it may not happen at the same time but women do also ejaculate when they orgasm. Check out the following article for more information on female orgasm.
Fri, 08/25/2017 - 20:05

True,but here comes the problem,when he ejaculate for a long time he doesn't go more than 1shot and that same one shot takes 5mints only,how can you help

Hey Sandra, I believe you mean he takes a short time to ejaculate. 5 minutes is within what is the average time for sexual intercourse. Also your partner can have more than one shot but it will take about 20-30 minutes between shots him to get an erection. Sex is usually better when you talk about it, find a good time and talk about sex, let him know what you want. You can also teach him or show him what you want. Check out this article;-

Premature ejaculation can be caused by a number of reasons including fear, performance anxiety, stress. In younger men it could be as a result of sexual experience; as one gains more experience they also gain better control of their ejaculation. The following are tips on how you can overcome premature ejaculation;- You could begin by regular exercises, eat healthy - avoid lots of processed foods, relax during sex by taking short breaks and deep breaths. You can also distract yourself by thinking about non sexual things. Always begin with foreplay, you will find that your does enjoy an extended foreplay session. Lastly, most women are likely not to orgasm from intercourse only or vaginal penetration since this does not give attention to what is one of the most sensitive parts-the clitoris. You may need to either stroke the clitoris with a finger or even lick it to get your partner orgasm. Talking about sex does make it better, so keep talking to improve the experience for you both. Check the articles;-

Hey Anorld, Masturbation has no medical effect. Premature ejaculation maybe the result of a lack of sexual experience, fear, stress or even performance anxiety. Check out this article;-

Hi, It is not expected that this will happen. There minor side effects that are expected with some methods like the Pill including mood swings but these should go away with time. It should actually have a positive effect because now there is no worry that one can get pregnant. Check out these articles;-
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