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Is my partner a virgin?

Many people think that you can tell whether someone is a virgin or not. However, this is a myth. The only way to know if someone is a virgin is by asking them!

If you do not trust their answer, then you might have bigger relationships problems. Trust is a key factor to a healthy and happy relationship.

‘You can tell from a woman’s hymen whether she’s a virgin or not.’
Not even an experienced doctor can tell for sure if a woman is a virgin by looking at her hymen or vagina.

‘A man can feel if a woman is still a virgin.’
Men who say they can feel if a woman is a virgin don’t know what they’re talking about. If a doctor can hardly ever tell for sure whether a woman is a virgin or not, there’s no way a man could really be able to feel it.
During sex, a man can tell if a woman is tense. If a woman is nervous or scared, she unconsciously tenses her vagina. This makes the opening of the vagina feel tight.

How can I prove I’m a virgin?

You can't really. Even for experienced doctors, it can be impossible to tell for sure whether or not a woman has had a penis in her vagina. But sometimes, for one reason or another, a woman’s prospective in-laws doubt that she’s a virgin. And some doctors don’t even mind selling ‘virginity certificates’. But while those certificates can save same trouble, they aren't proof that someone is a virgin.

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